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Hi all,

I would like to remove all links from my Pligg website offering to generate RSS feeds? I do not want to have any RSS on my site whether inwards or outwards. Would you please suggest as to how it could be done, preferably, without any need or knowledge of coding?

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    Thanks for the detailed and informative reply. Its certainly gave me a detailed insight in to the RSS feature. I think, its a great feature within Pligg. I was wondering if, for some reasons, I opt to turn that feature off then how would I be able to it. I think having a toggle option would also be a great addition to Pligg?

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    Speaking as a Content Aggregator I can't imagine why you would want to do this! Outbound RSS gives your visitors another way to visit and read your website. Inbound RSS can provide you site with new sources of fresh content provided by other websites who are authorities in their area of expertise.

    There are several services (FeedBurner for one) that will accept your well formed RSS and provide it back out to others. They will somewhat promote your feed themselves and through Google. You might also offer your RSS feeds through the outside service to others where you'll then gain more demographics and statistics to help you track and promote your activities.

    If you have other sites or other systems acting as parts of your site, RSS can help you integrate content from one area to another (think of running Pligg with a WordPress Blog that feeds it's content into your Pligg).

    If you're fearful that some other site might be 'stealing your thunder' by pulling a feed, you can find those sites by checking your server logs and visiting the site in question. You can then help them configure their system to pull in a manner that promotes your site, ask them to provide you a account where you can adjust the posts yourself, ask them to 'cease and desist', IP block their webserver from your site and/or send them (and their upstream provider) a DMCA notice.

    If you look around you'll notice most all the major websites provide RSS Feeds. There's a reason for that. The see it as a service to their users and a fantastic way to build traffic from the link backs garnered from allowing syndication.

    Unless you have a really well thought out reason to not provide RSS or to limit RSS I'd advise you to leave this great feature installed.

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