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How we do to set "waiting moderation" mode after user submit new a new story?


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    There is no default moderation feature. The idea behind Pligg is for the members of the site to police submissions. However there is an add on module that will do moderation if you require it.

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    I would like the ability to turn the moderation feature on/off in 2.0.0. I have a group of moderators and admins in place globally. In most cases, the garbage posted rarely languishes more then a few minutes before someone removes it.

    Any chance a moderation on/off toggle can be added to 2.0.0?

    Thanks in advance!

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    If i am using this module, is the story publish in "New" section before i am publish it?

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    This is taken directly from the description on the page I linked to you previously.

    "This module will send an email to moderators when a story is submitted to the site. The moderator must then approve the story before it appears in the Upcoming section of the site."

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    I'm running 1.22 still (due to the number of sites I'm running) and if you run Spam Trigger and enabled the widget that comes with it you'll see a link and count of how many stories are awaiting moderation in the main (first) admin screen.

    On most of my sites I didn't populate the module with any user data so moderation happens but I didn't want to receive email notice since spam trigger tells me anyway.

    I also added a selection to filter 'moderated' on my story admin page to bring me back to the list of moderated submissions. Keeps me from 'fat fingering' posts outside the moderated list and allows me to use the spam checkbox without worrying so much about 'killspamming' my own or other users.

    Again, that's on 1.22, but 2.xx Should work somewhat the same.

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