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I just completed install of my Pligg site and less than 2 hours later I had 4 spam user accounts register. I have on recaptcha, human check, spam trigger, askimet. they did not post stories. I know these accounts are spam because we made no announcements and there wasn't even content on the site.

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    The Stop Forum Spam module will block known spammers from registering. This will help a good bit. But you'll still get spammers!

    The spam trigger and Akismet modules don't kick in until they actually post something!

    Also, email validation helps.

    Finally, I'd recommend the Story Moderation Module!

    There's also a tutorial on renaming the register file to stop Bots from registering.

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    Can I simply rename the register file? I tried to go through the step of renaming but I keep getting 500 errors, and that may be because my site is under a subdomain that has an "addon domain"

    I really don't want to deal with 20 or more bots signing up a day when I'm trying to forge statistics off of real users...


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    Spam has always been an issue in any CMS or Forum software ever made. There are different modules that deal with different kinds of spam. But none are ever 100% guaranteed to stop all spammers.

    I wrote a new anti spam module last week which can now be found on my site.

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    Thank you I will go rename the register file now.

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    Keep in mind, if you rename it, and nobody can find it then nobody can register on your site.

    But you could have people ask via email etc and you could send them the url if that fits your purposes.

    My best recommendation is to run the sfs module and get the rename working if you want it!! I don't run the rename myself but might later.

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    Thanks for your help, after some thought I've decided to only allow 50 contributors via my approval and have the rest of the community comment with Facebook comments (and/or hopefully Linkedin comments soon).

    Now I will just rename the file and hopefully later I will find a solution that will have an "admin approval" or some kind of application process for new contributors. Our site is really specific to 4 categories, so we don't want medical devices, and grass cutting articles posted :)

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    You can also require the new users to verify email.

    There's a module that checks email addresses for good domains.

    I still recommend the Stop Forum Spam and Story Moderation Modules.

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