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(Not Getting Any Emails )
Whenever I use the "forgot password" It gives me the output:
You have successfully requested a password reset. If the email address exists in our database you will be sent a password recovery email soon.
Now when I check the email address used to retrieve password I see no password reset mail or something similar. Why am I not getting any mail. Is the same thing happening with your websites too. Please suggest how can we correct this error.

Note: My users are also complaining the same (they too are unable to reset their email address)

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    Yes, I as well as my visitor receives welcome email but nothing when it comes to retrieving password.

    Can you please me your sites link. Curious to see working password recovery in pligg 2.0.1

    ...for me shifting to another host means a difficult task never attempted so far. However I will try with the help of the documentation that you have send. Thanks a lot.

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    Well, I kinda thought you changed hosts. The old URL and the new sure don't go the same places. I never received the welcome email this time either. Email ain't happening there.

    Changing hosts should be the last resort as your host should be able to help you or maybe there's a file corrupt. I don't know at this point.

    I will tell you if you can't login to admin then you'll need to get into phpMyAdmin but if you haven't done that before then you might want to avoid that until you've exhausted the other stuff.

    If you can catch me in chat, you can PM me the site credentials if you want and I'll drop in there if I can and look around.

    Do not send site credentials in this forum. I know you know this but I say it anyway.

    If you want to try one of my sites for login and password recovery you're welcome to try this one That's a Pligg 1.2.2 site. My newest Pligg 2.0.x site is If you wind up in the WordPress side of that there is a link in the Menu to 'Our Pligg System'. Both of those work for password recover. I just tested them.

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    This is the reply I got from My host:

    "Mail is enabled on your account.

    Mail sent can take upto 60 minutes to leave our systems, due to aggressive spam filtering of outgoing email required on free hosting due to spammer abuse.

    If mail is not then received (after 70 minutes) , it will be remote spam filters that are dropping the mails, or our internal spam filters.

    We do also allow the use of sockets, which means you could use a remote SMTP server for mail sending, however we do not provide support on how to do this (google is your friend).

    How can we make use of remote SMTP server for mail sending.

    If you require a reliable email service, we would sincerely recommend upgrading your free account to premium where the spam filtering process of outward bound email is not in place."

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    You're on a free service? That might be worth doing the work to stay there. Look around via Google about the service your on and email issues. And there's a thread on the forum about using SMTP for Email. It was for an early version of Pligg but just maybe....

    My sites are on my own servers. It's worth the expense to me. And I'm envious of your site with all that great content. I'd do the extra work needed or extra expense if it was my site. The potential there is worth it.

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    If the email address used doesn't match then you don't get a email so make sure it's the address Pligg knows for the user requesting a password reset.

    Some mail readers and spam filters get a little antsy when the sender domain and mta domain don't match and put the email in the Spam or trash directory so look there for the email.

    I imagine email might not work with your server but that's unlikely.

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    @ Jhawkin: Please check the site . I tried every possible way unfortunately I could not solve it. Please register at to help me get out of this error.

    My url:

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    I was a registered user on the old 'bythehost' site. Looks like you moved the site to a new host or something and all your old user data is gone. I know this because the domain is different and I was able to register the old username again. I would not have been able to use that username if it was already registered.

    Additionally, I tried the password recovery but never received an email. You need to discuss that issue with your host. If they refuse to help you'll need to move the site again.

    I do know the email worked on the old server as I received a welcome email!

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