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I'm interested in starting my first Pligg site, but I want it to be completely focused around RSS feeds imported into it.

From the reviews of the plugin, I get the feeling that it's a little broken.

Does this plugin currently work with the latest version of Pligg? Will it work with a fresh Pligg install, and all reviews complaining about errors, have just modified their Pligg install too much?

Since the site I want to make would revolve heavily around this plugin, I was hoping to get this answered before even attempting a Pligg setup.

Can somebody please reply and let me know?

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    Yes the module works well and honestly people complaining are people that don't bother to set it up correctly. You don't just add a rss url, you have to set up the fields after entering the url. There is a youtube video I made several years ago demonstrating how to set it up. The video is for the older version but it should give you a really good idea about how to properly set up feeds..

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    I'm having an issue with the "Add a new field item" link refreshing the page and disappearing on click. I'm using the default 'bootstrap' template (I do have amelia and cosmo installed as well and the issue is persistent across all three) with no edits. I'm sure I'm doing SOMETHING wrong I'm just not sure what that something is.

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    You didn't include the feed URL you're trying to use! You can post that or try the below yourself.

    Plug the feed URL your trying to use into your browser and see if you get either a valid (readable) feed or else you see a xml file depending on your browser feed reader capability.

    Optionally, You can pass the URL to a feed reader or even Feed Burner to see if it's a valid feed.

    Additional Tip:

    Some feeds need Feed Burner (or a similar service) to clean them up when there's an issue. You can always use feed burner to do that and make the feed available through that service to your importer.

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    There's no feed in the screen shot but it does the same thing even with feeds included. I'm actually using Feed Burner to grab the RSS feed off of a YouTube channel and then post it to my site so that it will automatically update with videos added from that channel. I'm using the someone else's feed as a test channel before adding my own because it has more videos and updates frequently ( and just going to the url it works fine. I've included a video this time showing exactly what it's doing. Or what I'm doing.

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    Looks like it works fine up to the end of the video but there's another step..... you need to click on the 'feed field name' to get the pulldown to then configure the incoming field then the 'pligg field name' to associate the inbound field with the pligg field.

    Add two more field sets.

    The only problem I can think of is if the field dropdowns don't appear as you mouse over them or you don't get the link back to add the other two fields for a useful story (Title, Link, Description).

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    >The only problem I can think of is if the field dropdowns don't appear as you mouse over them or you don't get the link back to add the other two fields for a useful story (Title, Link, Description).

    This is what's happening. The fields never appear after the page refreshes. I should have zoomed out further with the capture so that you could see that but I was more concerned with things being in focus than showing the whole window. I tried uninstalling, completely removing the files and then reuploading the module and installing it again but the issue persists. The only possible thing I can come up with is that there's some sort of module conflict but I can't for the life of me think of which one it could possibly be.

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    How about just finding another feed from somewhere else (maybe a real short feed) and pop that one's Feed URL into that form just to see. Hint: Grab one of the feeds from this site.

    That module works very well here and as long as the feed itself is good the setup is very easy. The only time I've ever had trouble is with a corrupt feed.

    I'm actually waiting for a feed from a trucking company to correct itself right now. It' works okay in a reader but feedburner chokes on it. it won't verify, and Pligg's RSS module acts almost like what you're seeing.

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    Apparently the problem is feedburner. I was somehow under the impression that I HAD to run the feed through something to get it to work but apparently all I was doing was cocking the feed up unnecessarily.

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    I want to thank you for letting us know that it works now and what you figured out. That info may help me or another user down the road.

    And I'm glad you got that worked out. The only time I pipe a feed through feed burner is when I have a troublesome feed. Else I just use the target site's provided Feed. But quite often when a feed won't work through Pligg then Feed Burner chokes on it also.

    By any chance were you using the 'I am a podcaster' option on feed burner? I've never used that but just though maybe that inserts some item that Pligg's RSS parser can't handle?

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    I can't get it to work either. It fails to save.

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    You gave us enough info to commiserate with you but not enough info to help!!! 8-)

    What fails to save? The module or the settings?

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    I am having an error when I try to create a new feed: "Fail to save changes".

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    I'm a site developer and content aggregater running Pligg and the RSS importer works fine for me. I couldn't run these sites with out it.

    Put a good RSS or Atom feed URL in it and it will do most all the work for you on the setup side. You'll need to add at least three fields to give you Story Title, Story Link and description.

    When you click the module's link to add the first data field, Pligg RSS will parse the XML feed file and gather the available feed fields. If it doesn't add the first field setup line then the feed is corrupt.

    Easy, Simple and almost fool proof. The other setup options help tweak that individual feed.

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    Chuck is right.

    Look in the RSS Importer the edit configuration. You must to try possible options (link_url, summary, link_title, link_tags, etc) and "Examine" trying untill the link be correct.

    Also you must to fill fields like Feed frecuency, feed order, feed item limit. Sometimes give error but is not for a module problem, give error from the site url.

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