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hi ive basicaly started again on my site at to make sure that it is the latest version and all the modules are up to date to.
1) when i put on the auto save module it works but stops the profile links drop down from dropping down to block access to peoples profiles.
2) i still cant seem to get autocontent scraper to work new test link
3) rss feed mod is working but don't seem to pull in the read more link properly
any advice would be gratefully received it is the latest version of acs

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    Both the Auto Content Scraper and the Facebook Comments module have now been updated to fix the conflict with Pligg's new module sorting.

    You can download them from your account.

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    I just looked at your site and it seems like there are a couple issues going on there.

    1 There is a known and reported bug in Pligg URL Validation that is causing it to pull in some source code when you submit a youtube url. It's unrelated to the Auto Content Scraper. You can turn off URL Validation from settings, submit, url validation = false. That should help for now till they can patch that bug.

    2. I did notice 2 issues with the Auto Content Scraper on your site. The first being that it's attempting to add an additional link closing tag. An the other being that it your site doesn't seem to be adding the call to the javascript correctly. I'll tear into that module first thing in the morning and see what's going on. I'll probably release another update for it as soon as possible tomorrow. - I'll reply here again as soon as I do so you'll be notified.

    3. The "Read More" link was taken out of Pligg 2.0.0 but you can activate it again. If you open templates/bootstrap/link_summary.tpl in any kind of text editor.

    Go to line 170 and 172

    You should see the following

    170 = {*

    172 = *}

    Remove line 170

    Remove line 172

    Another thing to note, it looks like you are using some modules that were made for the Pligg 1.x.x series. I don't know if those will all function correctly in the Pligg 2.x.x series. since the new Pligg uses some javascript that wasn't used in the previous series, some of those modules, like the language one for example could cause javascript conflicts. I will need some time to look into those and eventually upgrade them to Pligg 2.x.x compatibility. But for now, I would recommend sticking with only modules that are verified for Pligg 2.x.x

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    Thank you so much for taking the time to look over my site and i will remove the old modules :) and look forward to the content scraper doing its thing on my site i'm very grateful for your time i know how busy you guys are

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    The latest version of the Auto Content Scraper is now available. There were a couple small bug fixes and now includes update notifications (when available) in the Pligg admin panel, module management section.

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    Nice thank you for all your hard work

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    hi its fixed now well kind of it turned out to some how to be the fb_comments module i purchased that was doing it god knows but its conflicting with some thing to stop scraper doing it job as soon as i removed it and reset up everything it all worked fine as soon as i put the module back on it corrupts the database with what ever the conflict is

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    I just dug into this a little deeper. It looks like this is a Bug in Pligg Module Management.

    They added a "feature" where you can move the display placement of modules by dragging the module name in the installed modules list up or down.

    The idea behind it was to allow admins to move something that's placed in the sidebar above another easily.

    It looks like it's creating all sorts of problems because you can use it on any module name.

    Try this experiment.

    Install both the Auto Content Scraper and the Facebook Comments module.

    On the installed modules list, drag the auto content scraper line above the facebook comments line and release.

    Now if you load a page with a video you'll see the video appears, but the comments won't.

    Go back to the installed modules list and drag the Auto Content Scraper below the Facebook Comments and release.

    Then go back and refresh that same page. This time you'll see that the Facebook Comments will now load but the video won't.

    Neither one of these modules use the same module hooks, so they should not be effected by that drag and drop feature but for some reason, they are.

    I'll submit this to the bug reporting area.

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    btw i did the changes suggested earlier and it now pulls in youtube etc but now when submitting it loses all information and cant be submitted or edited saying the story dont exist oh and its breaking the database


    [03-Aug-2013 21:56:27] PHP Warning: Incorrect key file for table './thefaiu5_church2/pligg_links.MYI'; try to repair it in /home1/thefaiu5/public_html/libs/db.php on line 479



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    The changes I mentioned above would not cause that error. In fact it looks to be unrelated to everything I mentioned changing above.

    It could be that error is being caused by the RSS Importer because that's the only module you are using currently that has anything to do with the pligg_links table.

    It also could be an error for some other module you've activated that can't be seen from someone like me just looking at the front end. For example Akismet, Spam Trigger, or Human Check.

    If it's neither one of those, my suggestion would be to go into myphpadmin select the pligg_links table and then select repair.

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