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I freshly reinstall my site and did 'back up database' and everything works smoothly. All the old stories are back, all widgets work fine, but t I am not able to install the modules. I have uploaded all the modules in my server using FTP but I can't install them from admin panel. In my admin panel all the modules are there but marked 'uninstalled'. Before restoring the old database I can install modules but after doing 'restore' I can't. Is there anything that I can do using phpMyAdmin? Or is this problem something related to doing CHMOD while installing/upgrading? It will really great someone can help me out. Thanks.

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    Have you compared the modules table in your database backup with the current one to see if they match?

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    Thanks ChuckRoast! Yes, module table didn't match with database backup.

    For Pligg community: I fixed by disabling all the modules files (including the one in server) before I freshly installed/upgraded. Later I renamed and uploaded all the module files back. Now it works!

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    Glad you got it figured out and thank you for sharing your solution with everyone.

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