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I bought the template Blue ice (blitpcms82513).
I unzipped the file and uploaded it to the folder Templates. I wrote the name blitpcms82513 under template settings and saved. When I saved I got this message:
This template may not be compatible with the latest features included with your version of Pligg. The template was designed for Pligg unknown, while you currently have installed 2.0.1. Are you sure that you want to install this template?
I pressed OK and went to my homepage and get this message:
Error: You may have typed the template name wrong or "blitpcms82513" does not exist. Click here to fix it.
What did I do wrong? It says that Blue Ice is compatible with Pligg 2.0.1

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    Be sure if in your template folder you uploaded the correct directory called *nameofyourtemplate. Templates folders have inside others subfolders like /css img/ js/ etc and some templates packs sometimes coming zipped with others documents and modules. Pershap you not upload the correct folder. I don't know if you understand me (so sorry, my english is not fine)

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    Thanks pal!

    It ws a folder inside a folder I had to upload.

    It works fine now!

    *A big smile to you*

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