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this module not working properly for us,we sit everything right but when submit the story, the video show up with submission page and some error script appear on description box ,after click on "save changes and submit" button and check the new page not show up the video there.

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    I just looked at the 2 images you provided.

    1. Videos are not supposed to display on summary pages. They are only a summary of a submission. The videos display on the story pages with the full article.The thumbnail on the summary links to the full story page. The gallery on the catalog page shows this functionality.

    2. That error is not being caused by the Auto Content Scraper. It's an Error with URL validation in the Pligg core. You can turn that off by going to the Admin panel, click settings, click submit, find Validate URL and set it to false.

    As you'll notice in the following screenshot, the same error appears on a default installation of Pligg with No auto content scraper.

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    i checked out with story pages and not display the video there,i do attachment,please check it

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    Ahh ok there may be a slight bug in that part.. I'll repackage the module so you can download it again.

    If you want the quick fix you can just do the following.

    Open modules/acs/acs_init.php in any kind of text editor.

    On line 17 you will see the following.

    module_add_action_tpl('tpl_pligg_story_body_end', acs_tpl_path . 'begin_scrape_story.tpl');

    Change that to

    module_add_action_tpl('tpl_pligg_story_body_end_full', acs_tpl_path . 'begin_scrape_story.tpl');

    Or you can wait a few minutes till I can repackage this and reupload it to pligg and you can get it from there.

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    Okay I've updated the package on Pligg with the fix.

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