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I was wondering if anyone is making money with their pligg site? Because I find it very strange that there is practically nothing available to even attempt making money from such a site. I can't even email my members whenever I want.

I have almost 13000 members and growing with almost 100 new members per day, but no idea how to monitize it since there is nothing available for it. (unless I hire a programmer).

So anyone who makes money with their pligg site and if so, how?



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    It all depends on how many people visit your site. According to my experience it is little harder for Pligg sites to get approved by ADSENSE. But if you have huge traffic you can monetize anyhow. Bizsugar, DesignFloat are some of the Pligg powered sites which much be earning a lot.

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    From the sound of things, the odds of you have real people visiting your site are not high.

    I have over 300 members, and I am almost positive that they are all spammers who are getting blocked by email verification.

    The first two comments in this thread seem to have some good advice, but you should also consider that you need to organically develop your niche.

    For example... create a Facebook Page or Group and build your population using real people with real interests affiliated with your site.

    Join other groups that do the same, and observe them, and if possible, politely market your stuff in them when your site is ready and professional in appearance.

    Speaking of appearances.... appearance is everything. If you don't have one of the professional templates, or have designed something yourself, then when you finally invite your organic traffic you are actually going to lose potential traffic instead of gain it.

    I am still in development, but I have a group niche of over 1100 people that I built over the course of 2-3 years, which is attached to a group of about 20,000 just in one city.

    That took time to develop, and when I finally go public it will take take, as well, to bring that population over, but eventually I should be able to attract outside of my niche through related advertising.



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    I have a Commission Junction ad running in the header template of most of my Pligg sites using a rotating script from CJ.

    And I have a link in the footer to my own web hosting site.

    And I use Pligg as the front end of several commercial websites I own.

    I won't give you any numbers but I will say if you have the right sites drawing the right visitors (not necessarily members) and show them the right ads you should be able to monetize your website(s).

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    Thanks for the replies. It did give me some ideas to monitize the site.

    As for the comment on the 'real' visits. I do think they are real. Because members need to create an account before they can post. And on the signup form I have captcha enabled and also double optin. So they even need to verify their account.

    If someone else has good examples or ideas, let them come :)



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    Out of those 100 new members per day, I doubt if the real users reach 10% of it. Captcha and email verification are useless, bots can register and verify accounts.

    If you have at least 100 real users, who submit real content and post on-topic contents regularly, that's enough to make money.

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    "Captcha and email verification are useless, bots can register and verify accounts."

    Lets just say they help some or a little. They don't stop anything much but it's a help.

    "If you have at least 100 real users, who submit real content and post on-topic contents regularly, that's enough to make money."

    That's probably about right. I'd use the 20/80 rule if you have nothing else.

    2000 supposedly registered users would yield 400 real registered users of which 80 or so are active posters/visitors and 16 would be consistently active enough to make the site appear very vibrant and alive.

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