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I'm running 1.22 with the westie template.
Running Akismet, SFS Global, Spam Trigger and story moderation.

I really want Spam Trigger and Akismet to run before story moderation runs but from what I can tell story moderation seems to stop those two from ever seeing the posts.

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    In some cases, re-ordering the modules from the Installed Modules Admin page will change the order in which modules are getting called. To change the order, drag and drop the module row up or down to the new location and the new position will be saved automatically.

    Not all modules are called the same way by Pligg, so this solution may have no effect on your site.

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    Hate to say this but I'm a little leery of upgrading to 2.0 yet. I'm kinda conservative and I've lost count of how many Pligg 1.22 sites I'm running. It's a handful! If I can fix this I'll be happy with 1.22 for the present, if not I'll bring the next new site up with 2.xx just to try it.

    I'm running several geo sites, a good handful of motorsport sites, a couple of classified ad sites (phpLD based with Pligg as a front end of sorts), a couple (phpLD directories planned), a phpBB bulletin board planned and some other ideas on the table.

    There's a good sprinkling of WordPress in there, too. Pligg as the front end or gateway just seems to be a good fit for most of these and I'm going back to add Pligg to older sites as I go.

    Since I've settled on Pligg as my CMS I'm committed to 1.22 until I can upgrade across the board. I'm kind of excited about what I've built using Pligg and the other programs so far and the potential for what I have planned is staggering!!

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    Thanks!!! But....... I'm running 1.22 so that doesn't seem to work. And the order is already like that anyway.

    I guess I need to know a little about how submit calls the modules because I suspect Pligg's submit is calling 'Story Moderation' first.

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    I'm not sure if Pligg 1 actually takes the module position into account when loading the modules like Pligg 2. We put a lot of work into adding a new ability to sort them so that you could better organize the display order of objects and it may be the best solution for you (unless you are against using Pligg 2 RC).

    We aren't offering official support for Pligg 1.x now, but another user may be able to offer advice for your situation.

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