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How can I do - posts added to the site only from Domain Whitelist? Other go to the site to add to forbid by default

PS sorry for my English
Anyone here have experience using CleanTalk with Pligg? I'm spending too much time manually removing spam registrations and CleanTalk looks to be a good solution.
See: | thx/ mike
I'm looking for referrals for a good, inexpensive Pligg developer, excellent communication and php chops, ideally in the US. (inexpensive =
Every week or so, I cannot access beyond main page, due to a bad gateway 502 error. Any ideas? thx / mike
Installled everything per ReadMe. I have access to the Admin Panel and all the settings seem to be okay and working, however; I can't view the actual website when I go to my URL. Anyone else ever had this issue?