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I am new on pligg so i spend some time to understand the structure.

This is a thing i couldnt see any answer or question online maybe i am searching with wrong keyword.

What i want to do is, when a user created a story name is "problem on minimum wage", the story title link is clickable and goes directly to this unique link. But if its a popular topic more than one person will write about this topic on with this title. So automaticlly Pligg creates links for same story titles as,

When a person click to "problem on minimum wage" story title, can i show the list of the stories created with same title. Is there any way to do this. If there is non, could anyone suggest me a path to follow for code it?
Hi, i just bought the story counter with some other products, and it works well!

Note : I wish to make the most clicked article my top story of the day.

But the problem is, the value keeps adding up despite being clicked by the same user, can i manage to configure it so that the counts only add up by unique daily click?

If i cant do this, can you suggest me any other way? thanks.
cc: Chuck Roast
when the search system wants to search tag with space it will search tag/tag+tag/ but it's not working.
Any idea why? It also doesn't seem to be working on the pligg site..
Try to search any tag with space like this:
i install pligg with it's default theme,
0- user01 creat group G01
1-G01 have 100 user
2-user01 select user02 as admin
3-user01 select user03 as moderator
4-user02 can not edit other users?! why?
5-user03 can not edit other users Too !!!
6-only user01 can see edit or deactivate BTN
7-plz Help me