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Actually, i tried to create new page in my pligg demo site. but i cant understand a bit. please give me explanation for create a new page in demo pligg.

please explain overall step by step for create a new page...
Hi to all pleas i want to know How i make any story auto publish

I want to only domain added to my bookmark list.

How to do that?

Delay in out.php

user_8125134 (#340) 1 day 2 hours 50 minutes ago out.php delay Discuss 
Ther is possibile to put a delay in the out.php (one second) ...thanks in advance
How to Add Adsense Add Floating Right In Story Page,Tell Me manual code editing to do this,
I dont need any plugin,Just Manual placing of code for adsense ads
I want some changes in the pligg pages such as submit.php etc.

i changes the submit.php & there write the my oun code .when i was host the website pligg website is display but my changes is not display .

when i click on the submit menu the blank page display .

Hi, As Pligg shows Likes and also Top Stories are displayed based on Votes they receive,
I need to show Post views and Top Viewed Stories,Can anyone help Me

I hav attached screenshot below !
How to Add Go to Website In Link Summary Except On Homepage.
I need In Only Post Pages,If i am adding in link_summary.tpl then Go To Website is Displayed On Homepage too.How to Do it !
I'm looking for a Google Adsense module, but I've seen there's nothing available, neither free nor on paying. Are you developing something about?
In any case, I would like to suggest the integration of the Google Adsense Revenue Sharing. It could be a great way to pull people on submitting news.
I'm looking in the sql file trying to find "pages" I created to insert back into the database. I read it's found in the pligg_links table

How can I search for or find pligg pages in the pligg_links table?

Is there something specific I need to search.