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Is it possible for the submiter to remove a submited listing?
I just see the possibility to edit.
Hi, How do I manually install Pligg onto my webhost server? I have the newest version 2.0 downloaded to my computer. Now What?? I'm not very code-savvy so the most simplistic instructions would be very appreciated. Thank you in advance!
Can anyone please suggest me to add Post-view count in Pligg Cms.
Hi webmaster,
I am not techie nerd, I have uploaded all files as recommended through FTP, but still, i am facing problem to open my website. I was trying to open /install/index.php but i am getting 500 internal server error it could be due to lack of database connectivity.
So, please provide me the assistance ASAP

I was aware with dofollow link, how to set nofollow link in pligg?
I'm considering using Pligg for a new project. Is there something like a REST API that I can use to create a native mobile version of the site?

If not, what are the possible ways to create native mobile apps using the Pligg framework?

Thanks for any advice!
Are there any tutorias for how can i create a module or a template, because i cant find anything!!!
Do you have a SSO module or any plans to release one ? Would make working with pligg much easier to integrate with existing cms environments.
is it possible to able users to submit news without register?
I was managing accounts, more exactly I was deleting spam users. At the one point system stopped working and closed. Afterwars I cannot login and in the database all registered users became spammers. Links as well. How can I fix it?