Pligg Support

I can't find the word "Sort" in the language editor. Is there a way to translate it?
I see I can enable or disable this feature from the acp, but i don't know what is it.
I can't find it in the admin_language module.
I would prefer that the new submissions are published on the front page.
I've read the following information about how to sell Pligg Modules & Templates:

Does it applies to "translations"?
Can I sell a translation as well, or do I have to sell them elsewhere? (if possible)
Will there be an Aweber module available in the future? I had purchased it for pligg 1 and loved it.
At the moment I only want admin to upload stories, therefore I want to hide the submit page from anyone else. How do I do this?

First, thanks for creating the module. It's great. My question is: Is there any way to make it so that users can ONLY submit videos (not articles, pictures, music, etc.)?

Thank you,
I have tried to find the way to send mails via smtp,
but i couldn't, is it possible to achieve?
Hello, I would like to ask you if there is any way to associate more than one group per story, Right now, it is posible to associate stories with one group, but sometimes it is not enough, when they are related to more than a group. If does not exist any module, i would like to do it. Would be needed to modify the core and the database?