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Can I do this with the already available pligg captcha plugin? Thanks a ton!
Can someone help me please?
I’m getting error “failed to save changes” when I click save on the Feed URL field. I’m using Pligg 2.0.2 and RSS Import version 2.1.
I'm trying to have a different id tag for all the stories that are editorials and not links to other sites.
so basically:
to something like . Or even something like xnews-555ED, just something so I can style them differently as links.
I'm looking at link.php and I can't seem to figure it out. Can someone help me out?
is there any way to block all subdomain of specified domain ? i block use blacklist and work fine. but any subdomain of like can add in my site. like *, i want to block all subdomain of this site. can i? there are many spammer in my site! help me
my problem is:
if web url have only english text with numbers and some /=+? ... charecter pligg work fully add url by my web bookmarklet in toolbar.
but when web url have mixed charecter, like english at the 1st and arabic (like: ) pligg give me a wrong reeferer error,
Just wondering if pligg cms could comfortably handle many users online at the same time aka 20,000+?

Any foreseeable problems about having 1 million+ registered users?
How can i enable feature to show only stories with only 100 votes on home page?
I want to know it is possible, Members Posts published after confirmation with admin ?

thank you
is there anything that would tell me, step by step to create a configuration verification email in pligg CMS?
2 of my pligg sites are not accepting submission first I thought its due to capcha so i switched off,, but still same problem were left so i deleted all the files folders & database re-installed everything from the scratch!! from the fresh download but still both of my sites are not accepting submission why is that?
1. 2. can anyone quickly help me let know to come-up with this issue.
Many thanks guys in advance