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When I click on choose file in the attached file modual on my iPhone I can select take photo or video. When that photo is uploaded the thumbnail is rotated 90 degrees if I take a photo in portrait mode. However when clicking on the link to the photo it is oriented properly. How do I fix this issue. I have included and example.
this url :
for my user image location.
how can i remove ?cache-timestamp=.....
to solve my problem?

I'm trying to make our Top page show 'the most upvoted' in order.
I know that the people who visit this site can change the order by themselves,
but I want to make the default show the most voted so that those who visit
for the first time can see the most voted stories.

Please advise me how to do this.

Thank you for your help.
hey guys I have been uploading my files from localhost to a live server but I im getting an error that says "Error. The pligg_config table is empty or does not exist" i have tried chmod the settings.php and dbconnect,php please help
It keep saying login to download even if I am logged in, and I cannot download the module. Can you give me an alternative link where to download it? Or please, just fix the bug.
If I try to apply {url} within {php} . It dont work.

For example:


How I get this work.
I want embed code to be displayed on all pages. Its just showing in summary pages.
Hello ChuckRoast,
hello Pligg support,

I recently disabled new users registration at my Pligg site:
due to massive spam attacks.

I'll go for manual registration of new users, but I noticed I can't create new ones.

In my Pligg dashboard, under "users" menu, I click on create new user.
A new window appears, as image attached.
I fill the fields properly (it gives me OK on everything).
But when I click on "Create User", nothing happens.

Any hints on how to solve the issue?
Thanks in advance.
Anyone here have experience using CleanTalk with Pligg? I'm spending too much time manually removing spam registrations and CleanTalk looks to be a good solution.
See: | thx/ mike