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I am new on pligg so i spend some time to understand the structure.

This is a thing i couldnt see any answer or question online maybe i am searching with wrong keyword.

What i want to do is, when a user created a story name is "problem on minimum wage", the story title link is clickable and goes directly to this unique link. But if its a popular topic more than one person will write about this topic on with this title. So automaticlly Pligg creates links for same story titles as,

When a person click to "problem on minimum wage" story title, can i show the list of the stories created with same title. Is there any way to do this. If there is non, could anyone suggest me a path to follow for code it?
I tried buying the Facebook sharer module but I went through the check out process until I reached Paypal check then realized my country (Ghana) is not supported.

I want to know whether there is a more simple and efficient solution out there for adding Facebook or Social share button to each entry on my pligg site.

Hi, i just bought the story counter with some other products, and it works well!

Note : I wish to make the most clicked article my top story of the day.

But the problem is, the value keeps adding up despite being clicked by the same user, can i manage to configure it so that the counts only add up by unique daily click?

If i cant do this, can you suggest me any other way? thanks.
cc: Chuck Roast
1- user submit a new link (ex: story1)
2- other users upvote on story1 (ex: user01 & user02) (and maybe downvote)
3- user01 & user02 karma increase +1 (ex: +10 & +15)
4- admin remove story1
5- user01 & user02 karma not change ( user01=10 should be 9 and ...)
Hardly a day goes by here that I don't have a incoming RSS feed that doesn't go offline on at least one website.

I've tried changing the time between 'runs' for the problem feed but if that feed failed the last run then it tries to run again (I guess the timer does reset since there's no completion).

It would be nice to be able to suspend a Feed temporarily.

Right now I just export the problem feed to a file, delete the individual feed then re-run it later and import the feed if it then works.
pligg forum have 2 section, popular and new page.
i suggest idea section to other contributor can add their idea and work , for improving pligg faster.
pligg need to Develop like wordpress, joomla or drupal, pligg need more contributors to help each others.
HOw to Submit sitemap.xml in my bookmarking website?` my website name is pls reply
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i install pligg with it's default theme,
0- user01 creat group G01
1-G01 have 100 user
2-user01 select user02 as admin
3-user01 select user03 as moderator
4-user02 can not edit other users?! why?
5-user03 can not edit other users Too !!!
6-only user01 can see edit or deactivate BTN
7-plz Help me