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To get the image I use platform. To get it, they require link of main source. Not related link, but the main link where the story came from.

The link of each story is {$url}

Link of related story is {$related_story[related].url}

I need to get each {$url} out of each {$related_story[related].url}.

It should be a variable like {$related_story[related].url} or {$url}.
With nginx twiter module dont work. 502 Bad Gateway
how can i limit pagination size?
i want to show all of current week story in default.(sort by time.)
englisch :
I have purchased from you a OTnewz Pligg Theme.
I paid, but not yet received.
In reported and written support, but it did not happen!

What should I do.

With best regards
Bahman Zahedi

German:Ich habe bei Ihnen ein OTnewz Pligg Theme gekauft.
Bezahlt habe ich, aber noch nicht bekommen.
Bei gemeldet und Support angeschrieben, aber es ist nicht passiert!

Was soll ich tun.

Mit freundlichen Gr├╝├čen
Bahman Zahedi
Pligg version: 2.0.2
PHP version: 5.5
MySQL version: 5.5.36-ccl-lve

Every single action will trigger a pair of this message in the error log:

PHP Deprecated: preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecated, use preg_replace_callback instead in {my website address}/class.compiler.php on line 246

I deleted 412 of these on a single day. Is this something that should be corrected or ignored altogether?
is OT-news theme for right to left language? i can help you to create full right to left pligg theme, i need your help and guidance for that.
When I click on choose file in the attached file modual on my iPhone I can select take photo or video. When that photo is uploaded the thumbnail is rotated 90 degrees if I take a photo in portrait mode. However when clicking on the link to the photo it is oriented properly. How do I fix this issue. I have included and example.
this url :
for my user image location.
how can i remove ?cache-timestamp=.....
to solve my problem?
hey guys I have been uploading my files from localhost to a live server but I im getting an error that says "Error. The pligg_config table is empty or does not exist" i have tried chmod the settings.php and dbconnect,php please help

I use Pligg 2.0.2 on localhost (UniServerZ/Windows 8.0) for testing purposes. We intend to use it as a file-sharing platform among lecturers in our university.

I activated the upload module and calibrated it as suggested here in the Forum. I can see attached image files as thumbnails. Yet, my users will be uploading mainly PDF files (either manually or through a link). Is it possible to generate thumbnails of PDF files and display them alongside with the story?

Thanks in advance.