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I have the latest version of pligg and use the default theme. I'd like to change the color of the register button, and only that button.
I assume I will have to make a new class for the register button and then edit the css accordingly. However, I'm not sure which css file I'll need to add this too, or which file I would find the individual button on which I can add the class.
If anyone can steer me in the right direction, thank you.
Is it possible if someone vote a story on pligg. It also give a like from facebook if user is logged in facebook or from facebook. If its possible then it what file I need to check to set the Facebook API.
Is it possible to make direct URL's like

On each story the username appears followed by (#number), however in some cases there is no number - what does this number signify?
file name: user_navigation.tpl
file location: /templates/bootstrap/
afte these lines:
{checkActionsTpl location="tpl_show_extra_profile"}
{if $Allow_Friends} --- ....--->
{if $is_friend && $user_login neq $user_logged_in || $is_mutual}
in pligg default theme,
there is a problem with this section, because:
1- user01 request for friendship to user02
2- user02 log in.
3- user02 is visiting user01 USER PAGE.
4- user02 see REMOVE friendship BTN !
5- user02 do not add user01 as a friend yet--!!!
can i explain good my problem?!
I've a project and i've to make a suggestion box online.
But I wonder if Pligg is enough customizable to make this project with.
Someone already made a suggestion box thanks to Pligg ?
Is Pligg hard to customize ? Thanks
Installled everything per ReadMe. I have access to the Admin Panel and all the settings seem to be okay and working, however; I can't view the actual website when I go to my URL. Anyone else ever had this issue?

Please where can I download old versions of pligg?
Preferably the 1.1.2 and 1:14
I take much!
Hello, I try get RSS Import module. So I log in, go to the download page, there it says I have to log in, so I log in again, go to the download page, there it says I have to log in, etcetera loop.

Is there an alternative way to get this module?

My browser: FFox under Linux/OpenSuse. Cleared cache etc.

Thanks and best regards,


PS: EDITED: Cant remove this post. It is solved now. I don;t know how, but all is okay. Thanks.