Pligg Support

i try many times to log in this forum but i can not log in. and some times forum font size changed ( to very small) and i must refresh the page. what is wrong? i use firefox 39 or chrome 43.
I could not find why. I did check Smarty libraries and so and they seem to be fine included in pache2 php.ini the smarty3 libraries with the smarty.clas.php and so... I can not find the reason

Any Ideas?

Thankyou, regards
Hi we upgraded pligg 1.2.2 to 2.0. our table schema start with plig instead of pligg. How i can specify this during upgrade. Please help.
I am attempting to killspam multiple users within the User Management tab. After selecting the checkboxes and the killspam action I am prompted with an alert box asking if I am sure I want to killspam user x, y and z. Unfortunately when I click yes the action does not complete.

I appreciate any insight. Thanks.