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I understand Pligg has been sold. What are the new owners plan going forward?

I'm trying to buying a theme name " "

but i'm not able to complete payment process....i got an error when i trying to cart it.

Is it possible if i send payment direct to paypal. and you may send me this theme file in my paypal id.?

help me

Thank you.
Clicking "place order" in check out page return error : " internal server error " .
After I procesed my order and entered my detail information,and press next button, it says "internal server erro", I can not pay,please help to check
I am successfully running pligg 2.02. However I am getting flooded with the error message " PHP Warning: Table 'mydbname.pligg_files' doesn't exist in /home/websitename/public_html/libs/db.php on line 479 "
There indeed is no table " .pligg_files in my database. Can I add it? What are the datatypes and sizes for the variables?

i have got this Error while Adding new category

"Invalid token (hack attempt) or timeout. Go back, refresh that page, and try again."

Plz Help me.

Hey guys, i lost my Admin password, how do i recover it. I have tried my email address and it seemed i didn't have it registered when uploading . I need help right now. Thanks

My installations of Pligg take 5+ seconds to respond. Anyone else experience such slow speeds?
I would like to know if I need to place the ldap php support files (found at at a particular location in the pligg installation directory? I am going to edit the /libs/login.php files per the readme.htm file found in the github directory referenced above.
Hello everybody, I just want to ask about the code adding.
How can I add histats code in to my site?