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I am planning to put 'custom facebook like pop-up box' with timer. I am confused about where to put the code. header.tpl or footer.tpl? A facebook like box/twitter follow button will pop up when a new user visits the site for the first time. I have already found the code but just wandering where to exactly put the code without affecting the site speed. Thanks.
I transferred my site to a new server running the same version of php and now the site only shows a blank white page
I have install successfully pligg manually.........but I can not submit a new story. It shows "Incomplete title or text, or either of these fields was shorter than the minimum allowed length" though I submitted between correct value. Why does it happen?
Hi There,

Plese help me, How to add new posting on homepage? why on homepage only show "welcome install notification" ?

Thanks. site was previously installed wordpress then i change to pligg..How Can I redirect old url to the new one..

For example : how can I redirect to

I have already add this code in htacces :
redirect 301 /cara-menurunkan-berat-badan-dalam-10-hari-gratis/

But it didn;t work..

Please help me..
Hi, i am new and pligg. Today i install pligg in my site, but in the log show this errors:

[20-Mar-2014 05:26:11] PHP Warning: Table '****_pligg.pligg_files' doesn't exist in /*********/libs/db.php on line 479

How can i fixed?
Hi ChuckRoast,
I know this has been already reported a couple of months ago, but I checked on "Downloads module" section and no update was released.
I understand you are very busy, so I ask you if you will have chance soon to take a look to the little bugs of this module.
Please refer to the screenshots attached.
The user menu is not working when module is active, and also the "comments-who upvoted-related links" tab under each story.
Thanks for your efforts.
Anyone encountered this issue? -->

One creates a story and adds tags. On viewing the story, the tags do not appear. One needs to "edit and save" the story for them to appear.
Anyone using the disqus module know how to add the comment count to the story footer? The default pligg comment counter is working fine, but since I am replacing it with Disqus I want it to display the Disqus comments. Thanks!

Ps does anyone know jiyath's email so I can email him directly?
I dont know how the direct author of this module is (it says Pligg team) so I want to post my twitter module questions here.
1. The module is great when someone logs in with there twitter login in the can tweet a story straight to there wall. But is it possible to have the tweet button open a window with an editable field so that before tweeting the person can edit the title? Right now it just auto posts the title and link.
2. Im not seeing a "connect with twitter" button when no one is logged in. Is it possible to have this option as I see that it is a button choice included in the image folder.