Pligg Support

i start using pligg for 2 weeks ago. how can i change all directory access to best mode?
i translate evrything in pligg to my lang, but i can not find inbox text to change it! plz Help me
i want to user karma operat like this:
1- at the 1st any user have constant score like 100.
2- when user submitting new link or new comments or new vote , decrease karma to zero every day.(like -10 for link submmiting, -5 for comment and -1 for voting)
3- recalculating karma next day and charging karma again to user can have activity.
4- any user can submitting any domain Once per day.
I would like to remove the description in the story on Home. Where am I supposed to look in the code?
I would like to display the published stories in 2 colums.. is there a place where I can edit?
how i can limit users like this:
users can submitting any domain Once per day. or two per day?
can you tell me quickly?
Please help I need a download link RSS Import
is there anything that would tell me, step by step to create a configuration verification email in pligg CMS?
I want to know it is possible, Members Posts published after confirmation with admin ?

thank you
How can i enable feature to show only stories with only 100 votes on home page?