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I've configured the module but it doesn't appear to be working.
I installed the pligg and added some entries but nothing is shown on homepage please help me
This is a forum not a playground for kids!
When you create a group you can limit the minimum votes to publish a story to the group. No matter what is the number (e.g 15), any story with any number of votes can be pulished.

Thank you.
Currently i am using pligg cms 2.0.0. now i download newer version of pligg cms 2.0.2.
How to update the newer verison of pligg cms without changing old data in my website.
How to add in profile.php:
// Convert user input social URLs to username values
$facebookUrl = $user->facebook;
preg_match("/https?://(www.)?[^/]*)/", $facebookUrl, $matches);
if ($matches){
$user->facebook = $matches[2];

Me need add news sites: and
I have purchased the script
I have installed pligg, How can i integrate layout of to my web site?
EDIT: please delete this one, duplicates.
How can I show the meta-description in the sidebar according to the category I'm viewing?

It should not show on the frontpage, only when I goto a specific category.

I'm assuming it has to do with an if statement inside about_box.tpl
there is error when sending message to other user"error in putting database" we attached the screenshot,please check it .