Pligg Support

When a member posts an url inside the description of a listing, it appears as plain text.

Is there a way to post a clicable URL?

I had account earlier and purchased facebook module. Now I see my account was deleted by admin . what will happen when i will update my site with ver 2.0
How do I change the thumbs up and down icons to my own personal images.
Hello ,

I have hosting adsense account and i want add dfp code in my pligg site

How to add Google dfp code in pligg ?
Can someone tell me what the main advantages of Pligg 2.0 vs. the previous version? I like Pligg, but almost everything costs a lot for 2.0 and it seems that there is WAY more open source modules and templates for previous versions. Contemplating moving to the previous version or just going back to Wordpress.
I bought a template but i didn't get what it was shown in the demo.

In the demo, i can see the stories are with their snapshot but there is no snapshot in my site

Would you please advise how to enable screenshot of stories?

Hi i had a pligg bookmarking site added on a domain of mine and it worked ok at first However when i view it now all the pages are bank white pages Anyone any ideas?
how i can set pligg to use - character or any other character instead of using default , character?

if i make any change in pligg source, in new updates they will be gone :( what i can do?
three questions:
- Can you explain how to use and what code I need to enter??
- When I'm in the Home and want to share a post, how I can add the reference to/from my page ... something like Not only in twitter but also on facebook, google+, linkedin ... what code I need to enter??
- When I'm in the Home and want to share a post, I share the name of the page and not the post. How can i do? what code I need to enter??
Hi Chuck,

The simple_messaging/images/new.png does not, nor has it ever shown up, anyplace on my site, which is running SPK.. Therefore I have no indication of when a new message comes through to my inbox unless I search said messages out, i.e. no new message indicator.

Subsequently, if one wishes to check his inbox, one must click on his profile/send message/inbox to view new messages, at least in the SPK. This has been an issue since I upgraded to Pligg CMS 2.0.1

Is there any way to streamline this, or any way to get the simple_messaging/images/new.png image to show on the front page header or similar? Anyway to allow for clicking on said new.png image to link the user into their inbox?

Any help would be greatly appreciated with this.

Thanks in advance!