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When registering a new user using the facebook module, I get an infinite redirect error. It contacts my facebook app correct, I can login to facebook in the popup dialog, authorise information retrieval and sharing etc, but when I submit it just bounces back and forth between facebook and fb.php.

I've created the app correct in facebook, and i've installed the facebook module (fb) in pligg and configured correctly with the keys.

site url:

Please could you help me solve this issue?
Hi, How do I manually install Pligg onto my webhost server? I have the newest version 2.0 downloaded to my computer. Now What?? I'm not very code-savvy so the most simplistic instructions would be very appreciated. Thank you in advance!

First, thanks for creating the module. It's great. My question is: Is there any way to make it so that users can ONLY submit videos (not articles, pictures, music, etc.)?

Thank you,
I have been trying to comment here for last few days but all my comments are not showing up. I guess all are marked 'SPAM'. Dear admin, can you please fix this? Thanks.
I have installed pligg cms on about 5 months ago. I have firstly Non-SEO Links.
Example: /story.php?title=Example-Title

I wish to change it to SEO Method.
Example: /Category-Title/Story-title/. but when I update it bring error like
""" 404 Not Found

The resource requested could not be found on this server!""

Please help me in this regard, So i can change theme to google friendly links.
I have utilized the "modified language" option in the admin, is there any way i can replace the welcome status?
i need ChuckRoast email address , and Yankidank email address .
I'm looking for a Pligg developer who could help me setup a blogger community. Are their any here if not where can I find them?

I would like to have this template:
How do I increase the avatar and the avatar link with the name of User
I find that /story/###/edit/ or editlink.php loads very slowly and needs php memory resources to be set very high to load at all. All other pages load fast. What can I do to fix this?