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Is their any way I can stop news that are posted on my pligg website to stop going automatically to the new page.
I want story that are being posted on my pligg website to be posted automatically on the category page only, i dont want it to go to the new page. And I don't want the story to be published automatically on my homepage/published page, I only want it to be posted automatically on category page. Then I only want to be the one to published the story to my homepage or when a user earn a specific amount of vote before his/her story will be eligible to be published to my homepage. Please is their any way I can do that? Thanks to you all
I have set: Use Story Title as External Link to TRUE so when clicking the story title it goes to external link, not the story page.

sometimes (very few times) users submitting a story saves ok but the (external) link doesnt save, and when clicking the title of the story sends to the stroy page (no external link anywhere).

If I edit the story with admin there is no external link (link field is empty).

If I paste the link with admin edit and save, it gets saved and works fine, but I cant do this every time a user submits a story with this kind of problem.

I saw it happens with sites I guess its because the strange URL of this kind of blogs. I dont really care about WIX sites BUT now happened with a wordpress site and I dont know whats wrong to this to happen, I dont see anything strange (maybe some htacces feature? or the blog template?).

I cant see in the code of pligg what makes it filter the url submitted and not saving it (but saving the story title, category and description).

Example of the url with this problem:
(and all other links from that blog)

As I said it happens with other blog platforms but I really need to fix this one that works with wordpress (lots of other users use wordpress and there's no problem at all!).

So, I hope I explained well whats the problem and with your help try to figure out whats the problem with that site (and maybe future ones) to pligg not
how can we show in sidebar, link with highest vote in sidebar?
Is there a way to get images to appear in your Pligg sites RSS feeds? If yes, can you format the image size to 500x500?
Hello (again),
on my site I do not want submitted links to require a number of votes before they are published to the front page. I have turned this off by editing the settings under:

Voting > Votes to publish > Number of votes before story is sent to the front page > 0

This seems to work okay but is anyone aware of any problems that it might cause?

Thank you, bye,
Hello (again).
At the moment, I am not intending to utilise Categories. Is it possible to disable the Categories feature - in the same way that you can disable the Groups feature?

Thank you for any advice you might have.
I am brand new at pligg and I would like to add my "About Us" page to the top navigation. How is this done?
another point of confusion, sorry.

I am testing a fresh install of 2.0.2

In Admin, in Settings > SEO > URL Method it says that "You must rename htaccess.default to .htaccess" if you want to use SEO method '2' but when I rename the file to .htaccess my homepage loads a 404 error. I can rename it back to htaccess.default and the homepage loads happily.

If I set the SEO Method to '2' without renaming htaccess.default then other pages: New; Submit; story pages, load 404 errors.

Might there be some other setting that I have changed somewhere that is conflicting with this?

Thank you again for any advice that you might have for me.

Dear all,
has anyone experienced this error message previously:

"URL is invalid or blocked"

(see screenshot) I am testing a new Pligg installation with a few random bookmarks and found that when I submit the following URL it causes this error.
I tried it without the 's' in https and got the same error.

I have installed 2.0.2 - it is a new installation, I have not modified the site at all.
Does anyone know if there is a list of blocked URLs or top level domains that I can view and edit?

Thank you for your help. Bye,
I have a blank page on my pligg site and i can't access it. I have tried deleting all files from my FTP and reload all file back in and yet i still have the same white blank page. I need help on how to fix this problem. Thanks