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This release addresses a number of issues related to using Pligg in a language other than English. We have tested and bug fixed both the installation process and user language selection feature.
The installation and upgrade script are no longer dependent on the server for installation language files. An added benefit is that the upgrade process now performs much faster.

The Simple Messaging module and story comment permalinks are other major fixes included in this release.

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    Hi Eric,

    When we can expect an stable version?

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    Can we know what files changed from RC1 to RC2?

    I already made modifications to the template that I do not want to lose them. I also fixed the auto scroll and I don't want to lose that either.

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    You can always see the all changes from the repository at the following url.

    You can narrow down the changes to just the template files by going to this link.

    It looks as though only 3 files in the templates were altered. The rest were core files.




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    Can I simply replace the old files with the new ones without going through the upgrade process?

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    No you need to upload all the core files and run the /install/upgrade.php

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    Hi! I installed it by removing the old files and install a new one. Following all the required process and the site is running smoothly until I try to submit an article. When I submitted, the page goes blank. on the error log i saw:

    [01-Aug-2013 01:45:27] PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Smarty in /home3/yogoyogi/public_html/internal/Smarty.class.php on line 17

    Anyone can help?


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    my unprofessional opinion would be m8 some where in your files you have an include() in the file calling smarty and its being called more than once try if you can find the file that does the posting you will need to ask one of the professionals here to know which file exactly my guess would be in submit.php

    include_once(), instead of using include()

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    The readme.html file instructions for 'upgrading' are incorrect in places. There's a contradiction with the 'template' folder name change, and it should be included in the exception list for deletion. If you were going to delete it (which you shouldn't) you wouldn't bother renaming it. Secondly, you need to disable the modules first before renaming the template folder. Finally when running the upgrade /install/upgrade.php you need to rename 'lang_english.conf.default' to just 'lang_english.conf' otherwise it doesn't recognise it.

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    How to upgrade from pligg 1.2.2 to pligg 2.0.0. RC 2 what if i upgarde its will lost my user and post ? please help me . my site is

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    View the upgrade instructions included in the readme.html file included with Pligg. You should back up both your Pligg files and database before upgrading in case you need to revert back for any reason.

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